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Pizza Hut brand started out as a single location in Kansas, USA, in 1958. Its business concept has quickly succeeded, and only a decade later Pizza Hut was hailed as the number one pizza chain in the world, both in terms of sales volume and the number of facilities. It offered the one-of-a-kind Pan crust that today has fans all over the world.
In Poland, the first Pizza Hut restaurant operated by AmRest was opened in Wrocław in a refurbished tenement house located in the heart of the city. The doors of Pizza Hut Rynek 48 restaurant were opened to Guests in November 1993.
Today, there are over 60 Pizza Hut restaurants in Poland, the majority of which are dine-in restaurants. Some restaurants offer home delivery (in Wrocław, Warsaw, Gdańsk, Radom, Leszno, Poznań and Jelenia Góra). There are also 7 Pizza Hut Express restaurants where clients see their pizzas being made and pick them up in only 5 minutes. All Pizza Hut restaurants offer to go options as well. Some of them also sell pizza by the slice.
Pizza Hut restaurants also offer other traditional dishes like pastas, soups, rolls (tortillas baked with various fillings), salads, starters and desserts. Pizzas can come with thick Pan crust – soft in the middle and with crispy edges, traditional crust and very thin Tuscani crust. You can also order a cheese-stuffed traditional crust that has a ring of cheese baked into the edge.
There are four types of pasta in the menu: penne, tagliatelle, spaghetti and farfalle. They can come with a variety of sauces: tomato, Bolognese, béchamel, pesto and funghi. Many restaurants also offer salad bars.